ZabaSearch International

Zabasearch International page offers free international people finder access to the international public phone book directory. But Zaba Search is an online people finder limited to only the United States of America and Canada.  If you are trying to find one in the US and Canada, Zaba search is a good option.  But if you want to find people in other countries you will need to conduct a free international people search.  People can easily search the international Phone Book directory.

Zabasearch International Is Intelius Public Directory Network

zabasearch internationalIn the United States and Canada, there are only a few public directory providers.  How is this possible?  Considering that there are thousands of US and Canada websites dedicated to people’s search.  People have many options when searching the public Directory.  They can use free Dex Online White Pages to find people online.  And most of the public directory databases are similar.

Zaba search like many other public directory search websites uses the same backend database affiliate.  Intelius is one biggest online databases providers.  They offer their service as an affiliate program.  So they don’t have to make big invest in advertisements.  They are willing to pay a share of the profit to their Affiliate Partners.  Zaba Search is one of Intelius Affiliate Partners.

The False Sense of Options in the Public Search Directory.

People searching for the best people search directory websites is only wasting their time.  That’s because many of them are partners of the same affiliate parent companies.  Considering most people only use the services once in a while.  It is best to compare specials. offers.  Some companies offer 3 day free trials.  While others offer 7 days trials.   But whatever the offers people go with, they have to remember to cancel their subscription before the grace period.  Or will get charged with the full amount.

In conclusion, Zabasearch does not offer international people search.  They only offer data on people from the United States and Canada. In order to find people from other countries, one has to use international people search free online search engine.