International White Pages

Finding people with International White Pages Directory

Internet revolution with International white pages has brought people a lot closer in a way that was never thought possible a couple of decades ago. Now it has become much easier to do an international people search and find people over the web, no matter on which part of the globe they reside in. One of the methods is to search for people or businesses by their names, address, current telephone numbers using the international public directory, zip codes, or a combination of one or more of the said information, in an International White Page Directory. Most white page directories, international or local, also offers a telephone lookup feature that lets users search out a name or by keying in just a phone number.

Finding people using white pages

In order to make international white page directories more user-friendly, we have divided the directories into its continents.
Their users will be able to find the public directory related to counties. That way people can use the international white pages to find anyone anywhere in the world, a free international people search.
The usual white pages offer a country/city-based listing, alongside an option to search based on a given set of categories. More specifically, you can search names under specific categories – such as ‘Business’, if you’re looking for a business or under ‘Healthcare’, if you want a clinic – and later narrow down the search by selecting appropriate terms concerned until you reach your result. Doing so also lets you begin the search by being more specific, rather than forcing the white page engine to wade through the whole database in one go.

Navigating International Directories

International White PagesFrom a customer perspective, in order to put up their name/address in an international white page directory, first, they need to register for a user account with the website by entering the member listing (name), type of listing (home/work), contact number, and zip code, plus street address and webpage (if any). This is much like registering for a user account with Facebook or Gmail. On successful registration, a field in the said user’s name, with the entered details, is created in the white page database. When someone searches for this information, the white page simply returns the stored details against the query. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for others to find you on the white page.

The international white page directory provides an ideal option for individuals, consultants, and businesses to promote themselves online for free. For others, it is a one-stop destination to find all the information they might need about people/businesses. True, such a directory can’t guarantee precise results all the time for it also depends on what it has in its database. But as it was found, in 9 out of 10 cases, it works.  You can also try Free Beenverfied for a free trial using many public directories.

International People Search White Pages and Sovereignty

One of the biggest obstacles to creating the International White pages is the lack of standards when states create a public directory. The sovereignty of a nation and their unwillingness to participate in any kind of standard for creating an international public directory makes it difficult to create an International white page.
But the private sector has taken the lead in most developed countries in creating a standard for public directories. They collect the countries public records and use Data as a Service DaaS and sell the access to people. With a reliable income, they can maintain their website and database.

But a major concern with the private companies who sell public data is the accuracy of the data. No one, except the company themselves, knows how to update their data. And if clients are conducting a background check it is essential that they get the most up-to-date information. This is where the government needs to create laws that require private-public record directories to release to the public when they last updated their criminal records.
Even with the issue of updating their database private companies have played an essential role in helping to create an international white page.  In many counties, the government has the public data and keeps it safe, but they do not budge to improve access to the data.  In many cases, it is difficult to access the data.

But that is where private technology companies come to fill the gap.  Consider in the United State of America Intern Revenue Services don’t make software to do taxes.  Even though they have the technology to create the software they leave it to private companies to create the software.  The United States Internal Revenue Service will accept online tax submission but as for the software, it does leave it to private companies.  This is due to tax software private companies’ powerful lobby power managing to lobby congress to prevent the United States Internal Revenue Service from creating their own software.  This might be a special case, and the public data differ in terms of trying to pass laws preventing the government from making software.

Private companies saw the need to access public data and a way to make a profit.   With their online technology, they can pay a small fee to the local, state, federal government to access the database and sell the data to private citizens.  Save them time to go to the government building while only paying a small fee.