International Background Check

Finding Good People with International Background Check

To conduct an international background check successfully, people will keep an open mind on where to search. Since there is no formal universal standard for a universal background database, each country has its own system and laws governing the criminal justice system.
But with free international people search free international background checks providing an online international white page, it can assist people in finding criminals anywhere in the world. The international background checks unique approach of providing an online international public directory of companies and government with access to public criminal records offer people tools they need to help with the search for criminals in the international community.  Simply searching for Dex White Pages will not do when conducting a background check.

International Background CheckAnother reliable resource for searching for criminals in the international community is Interpol. Although its main focus on connecting law enforcement agencies across different countries INTERPOL short for International Police is the world’s largest international police organization, with 192 member countries. Interpol focuses on sharing information between 192 counties on international crimes. It does not have any authority to go into any country. So it is limited in its scope. Its role is to enable police around the world to work together to make the world a safer place. Interpol focuses on providing a high-tech infrastructure of technical and operational support. But it has a list of police organizations in different countries that can be useful when searching for criminals. Its biggest limitation is due to the Sovereignty of the state.

Check the Sovereignty of the Country

Despite the advancement of technology and Non-Government Organizations like Interpol searching for criminals in the international community will always be difficult. Not only does the problem lies with the accuracy of the database, but on how a government defines crimes. Drinking alcohol in some countries is a crime, while other countries allow kids to have wine. With such diversity in how a country defines crimes, it makes it difficult for people to find a trusted source without a universal agreement on the definition of a criminal.

The lack of technology in developing counties and how to find useful ways to search

Many countries lack the technological infrastructure to have a reliable criminal database. Consider Sudan, a landmass bigger than the state of Texas has only one paved road running across the country. The government support for even the basic needs is none existent. Even if these kinds o countries get financial help from the international community to develop an online criminal database, their database would be useless.
The weak and sometimes corrupt law enforcement is not reliable in finding criminals. They even persecuted innocent people. Their database is at best incomplete and even worst completely wrong. The technology is only one component of creating a better international background check database.