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Search the internet with dex whitepages with free international people search using free online public directory has never been easier.  The whitepages offer much useful information including, first names, middle names, last names, street addresses, and landline phone numbers.  Their only online database provides free access to millions of public records at a touch of a fingertip.  With Free Dex White Pages online public directories people can find anyone in the United State or Canada from their home.

Using Dex Whitepages to find people

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Even though Dex White Pages do not provide users with free business information they do offer personal public information.  But they did create a business section Dex Yellow Pages.  Which later became only an online business directory.  Where business ours could go and signup their business and get it listed their online public business directories. And the public business directory or PBS is easier to access. It provides public data that can be accessed from many different platforms including iPhone, android, windows, and Linux.  The site is both desktop and mobile-friendly but did not meet the stringent recommendation of the American Disability Act.

But the enforcement of the ADA to a non-governmental agency is almost impossible.  Most some mom and pop companies don’t even know about the online ADA requirement.  But much big business with high online presence tries their best to meet the standard set by United Congress in the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Because these businesses have to deal with multiple government regulations.

The evolution of the white pages

The transition of the White Pages from paper book to digital had a damaging effect on their business model, forcing many companies dealing with the business practice of public directories to shut down.  During the early age of the phone books, where businesses would go to every house and leave phone books at people’s doors. Public directories companies could charge a premium to businesses to be listed in their phone book.  In addition, they could charge the local businesses for advertisements, which were placed in front of the book or in special sections of the phone book.  But in the digital age, people making the transition to online search made the paper version of the white pages obsolete.

Moving into the digital age with online public records

Dex whitepages online public directories company had a hard time moving into the digital age due to their business model of charging businesses a fee to be listed in their phone book directories.  Dex business had a huge overhead, cost printing, design, customer services, phone book distribution, and general administration like human resources and accounting.  So the paid advertisement and business listing model was essential to their survival.

Three development led to the downfall of the white pages companies. One, the development of Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft MSN. This evolution decreases the need for businesses to pay advertisement fees to Dex.  With the development of cheap personal websites businesses had access to the general public that phone books could never offer.

The second development that challenged the traditional public directories business model was the development of free online business directories, business websites, review websites, and classified sites.  Public directories became dynamic.  Meaning businesses can go to google or yahoo and submit their business to these search engine directories directly.  And if they can make any changes they want to their business info by themselves without having to call customer services.  Which shifted power to local businesses from the public online directory companies.  The best part was that it was all free, at no cost, these online websites need content and need business to help with their content creation.

Online public directory websites were so easy to create pennies on the dollar compared to the traditional physical paper phone book, anyone can create a website and have business submit their info.  This had a devastating financial effect on the phone book companies.  They just could not compete.

Dex WhitePages could not compete

The third development, which lead to the fall of the white page phonebook and the final nail in the coffin for the dex phone book, was the development of social media. It not only allows people to find each other easier but it gives individuals the power to manage their own content.  People can decide what information would be allowed to be in the public domain.

Business can too be added to the social media platform with pages.  Information like businesses phone numbers, addresses, pictures, and business descriptions all can be added to the social media business pages.  Not only was it easier for companies to get listed on social media but it was free.  Anyone with access to the internet and computers, phones or tablets can set up a business page on social media.

After setting up the business pages, companies have access to millions of people.  And if they want to have more access they can pay the social media companies like Facebook or Twitter a small fee to display their ads on people feeds.  And unlike phone book advertisements, social media ads are targeted.   Companies can select the consumer interest, age, sex, and geography and have the advertisements target the precise individuals.

With the three development of websites, search engines, and social media Dex Whitepages could not complete.  It is now a simple public directory site.   Offering general public information and providing businesses with access to online advertisement services.