International Google Search Engine

Many people in the United States are accustomed to using as their search engine instead of international google search engine. But what most people don’t realize is that Google operates other counties and they index the websites of these countries but usually don’t show up in the .com search.

For example, one of the biggest searches on the net is within China. When people search Chinese search results will not appear. But people conduct the search at a google search engine in China, people will be able to find many public directory sites in China. And there is a list of websites that belong to Alphabet, a parent of Google that people can use to conduct a free international people search.

When you are conducting a free international people search one of the most valuable tools to use is the Google online search directory. Weather search for people in India or in Pakistan or in Saudi Arabia one of the best resources is to use google to find people. Below is a list of google international search engines.

Google Africa with International Google Search Engine

Angola –

Botswana –

Burundi –

Côte d’Ivoire –

Dem. Rep. of the Congo –

Djibouti –

Egypt –

Ethiopia –

Gambia –

Ghana –

Kenya –

Lesotho –

Libya –

Malawi –

Mauritus –

Morocco –

Namibia –

Nigeria –

Rep. of the Congo –

Rwanda –

Saint Helena –

Sao Tome and Principe –

Senegal –

Seychelles –

South Africa –

Uganda –

Zambia –

Zimbabwe –

Google Asia International Google Search Engine

Afghanistan –

Bahrain –

Bangladesh –

Brunei –

Cambodia –

China –

Hong Kong –

India –

Indonesia –

Israel –

Japan –

Jordan –

Kazakhstan –

South Korea –

Laos –

Malaysia –

Maldives –

Mongolia –

Nepal –

Oman –

Pakistan –

Philippines –

Qatar –

Russia –

Saudi Arabia –

Singapore –

Sri Lanka –

Tajikistan –

Thailand –

Timor-Leste –

Turkmenistan –

United Arab Emirates –

Uzbekistan –

Vietnam –

Google Europe

Andorra –

Armenia –

Austria –

Azerbaijan –

Belarus –

Belgium –

Bosnia & Herzegovina –

Bulgaria –

Croatia –

Czech Republic –

Denmark –

Estonia –

Finland –

France –

Georgia –

Germany –

Gibraltar –

Greece –

Guernsey –

Hungary –

Iceland –

Ireland –

Isle of Man –

Italy –

Jersey –

Kazakhstan –

Latvia –

Liechtenstein –

Lithuania –

Luxembourg –

Malta –

Moldova –

Netherlands –

Norway –

Poland –

Portugal –

Google North America

Anguilla –

Antigua & Barbuda –

Bahamas –

Belize –

British Virgin Islands –

Canada –

Costa Rica –

Cuba –

Dominica –

Dominican Republic –

El Salvador –

Greenland –

Guadeloupe –

Guatemala –

Haiti –

Honduras –

Jamaica –

Mexico –

Montserrat –

Nicaragua –

Panama –

Puerto Rico –

Saint Vincent & the Grenadines –

Trinidad and Tobago –

United States –

U.S. Virgin Islands –

Google Oceania

American Samoa –

Australia –

Cook Islands –

Fed. States of Micronesia –

Fiji –

Kiribati –

Nauru –

New Zealand –

Niue –

Norfolk Island –

Pitcairn Islands –

Samoa –

Solomon Islands –

Tokelau –

Tonga –

Vanuatu –

Google South America

Argentina –

Bolivia –

Brazil –

Chile –

Colombia –

Ecuador –

Guyana –

Parguay –

Peru –

Uruguay –

Venzuela –


Google International Search Engine Help people find lost love

International Google Search Engine

Many people who travel internationally will encounter people from different countries. And some of these encounters can lead to meaningful relations. Because these encounters are short there are a good number of people who have encountered people from other countries but didn’t have time to exchange the information are looking for ways to find that special person.

With google international search, it will provide a valuable resource for people who had the missed encounter. It is with the power of the internet that people will be able to find use google to find lost loved ones. They can search for the person by using google to find local international white pages online. And then look-up the name can find the person’s address and phone number.

Using VPN to search for people

Virtual borders restrict the freedom of information. In the early days when I was much younger, I wanted a game.  I noticed on a few public forums postings people in Russian were paying one-third of the price for the games as the United States of America.  Everyone bought the game online from the same distributors.  So how can the price be so different?

In order to understand the game pricing one has to understand the economy.  For example, a person who works as a computer programmer in Russia’s starting salary would be around 24 thousand dollars a year.  Compare that to people working in the United States of America with a starting salary of 64 thousand dollars a year.  The difference in wages is huge, the game manufacture cannot simply have the same price for every country.  And unlike a physical product, games, and intellectual properties cost very little to distribute.  Pricing is not fixed, it is determined by countries’ economies and how much people in the country are willing to pay.

To execute the price strategy, game manufacture uses geofence during activation to set the price of the game.  If you activate the game in Russia you would pay one-third of what you would pay in the United States.  There’s a simple workaround.  People only have to use VPN, connect to servers in Russia, and activate the game and they would only pay one-third of the price.