Free Digital Clock Video

Free Digital Clock VideoInternational People search is happy to offer a free digital clock video to our international clients. Users are granted permission to use the video for personal and commercial videos but are not allowed to resell or redistribute the original video or similar videos. Users are not required to reference the video, all we ask is that they go to our youtube video link and like the video, follow the channel and add to the comments.  By do this you will help support us to bring more free content.  It is a small price to pay for access free content.

Free Digital Clock Video on Youtube

In order to save on bandwidth, we create different lengths of free digital clock videos. The video range from 1 minute to 35 minutes. The videos are mp4 format and the width 750 pixels by 300 pixels. Click the link below to download the video.

Download Free Digital Clock Video1 minute

Right-click and press save-as

Faster download with Google Links to download the videos

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