It’s the economy STUPID!

My first 2 nights in India I stayed with Aman, a Sikh extended family; three generations all living in a 4 stories house. Bottom floor is family tailor shop, second floor are the parents, third floor lives the brother, and the fourth floor is Aman, his wife, and his child. The tailor shop is small, specializing in wedding clothing.   Aman and his wife shows me a traditional Indian wedding dress, it weighs around 15 lb. One has to be truly in love to wear one this dress for the entire wedding. I asked Aman how long a traditional India wedding last? “As long as the budget will allow” – he replies. I laugh, dismissing as a joke.

Later that night when we return from a Sikh temple the streets by Aman house is closed off for a wedding. People are singing, dancing and playing loud music. I asked him if this is a common practice, he said yes. I ask him if it was legal for them to close the streets. He said “No, but if you call the cops they will just bribe the officer.” So just wait and they will get tired. The music played on until 2:30am. That morning I asked him if they are going to close the streets again tonight. “Yes,” he responds, it will last about 3 to 4 days until they run out money. I suddenly realize he was not joking! Then he said: “Let’s hope they don’t take out any loans.”

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