Europe and Eurasia: Remarks With Slovak Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini


Michael R. Pompeo

Secretary of State

Prime Minister’s Office
Bratislava, Slovakia
February 12, 2019


SECRETARY POMPEO: Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister. Thanks for the wonderful welcome. It’s a beautiful place. It’s great to be with you. It’s great to be here in Slovakia. I’m only on the ground for a few hours here, but it’s an important few hours, to communicate how important the relationship is between our two countries. We share a set of (inaudible) the importance of freedom, and the prime minister talked about the important commercial relationship between our two countries as well, the United States businesses that are here successfully helping not only create jobs here, but helping create jobs inside the United States as well. We’ve had a long-time, close defense cooperation as well between our two countries. As our partners in multilateral organizations, they have always been there with us and always been there for us. Mr. Prime Minister, you can know the United States will always be there with you and for you as well.

These are important engagements. The United States hasn’t had a secretary of state travel here for two decades and – to compete, to compete against those who want to undermine democracy and undermine freedom here in Slovakia is the primary reason I wanted to be here today, to share with the prime minister, the senior leadership, as well as the Slovakian people, to know the United States will continue to support Slovakia in its long and rich tradition, since 1989. The freedom and democracy that has developed here is important and good for Slovakia, and we think good for the region and the world as well.

So thank you, Mr. Prime Minister. (Inaudible.)